Mental Health

Training for
West Alabama's
First Responders

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Why do I Need Remind Training?

When first responders have to act, it often makes headlines. Given today's media climate, the reports rarely reflect well on first responders. About 18.5% of the U.S. population experiences mental illness in a given year. Given the rate of occurrence, over 900,000 residents in Alabama experience some form of mental illness.

This is a unique opportunity for first responders to be proactive in gaining mental health and de-escalation training that can improve outcomes and save lives. The highly-interactive course content was developed in a coordinated effort between mental health professionals, first responder trainers, and instructional technology experts. In accordance with APOSTC standards, completion of this 4-course curriculum can be used to fulfill six hours of annual training.

14.2 Mil

Adults in the U.S. experienced
serious mental illness

1 in 4

Fatal outcomes involve people
suffering mental illness


Adults in Alabama seek treatment for mental
health issues

Since 2016, mental health calls have experienced a steep uptick and are expected to continue that trend in the future. This infographic provided by the Tuscaloosa Police Department shows that the number of calls regarding individuals exhibiting signs of mental distress is steadily on the rise. This trend is well-documented both locally and nationally.

Help improve first responder response by submitting information on mental health calls

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This training program will help first responders rethink crises management for:

  • Severe Mental Disorders
  • Substance Use Disorders
  • Anxiety and Panic Episodes
  • Trauma-related Disorders