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Increasing Mental Health Awareness in Our Community

Tuscaloosa County's nine police departments piloted the Remind mental health training curriculum in the spring of 2021. The original three-course curriculum has been expanded to include a new course dedicated to Communication & Active Listening. Completion of these four courses provides 6 CEUs for officers (the maximum online credits allowable through APOSTC for 2022). This unique and relevant training opportunity supports first responders with de-escalation strategies when dealing with mental illness and substance abuse disorders. Remind's goal is to strengthen first responders' confidence in providing comprehensive mental health assistance and effective crisis intervention with reduced stigma.

This exclusive training increases mental health literacy and substance abuse awareness while highlighting diversity, equity and inclusion, communication, and intersectionality within the community.

Over 150 Alabama first responders have completed the Remind Training since its launch. Survey results show a significant increase in the participating first responder's knowledge of schizophrenia, generalized anxiety disorder, and major depressive disorder. Total scores of behavioral health knowledge increased after the training.

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If you have questions regarding the Remind project, please email Rebecca Royen at rroyen@ua.edu.

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Law enforcement officers are now often placed on the front lines of the current mental health crisis gripping our nation. It is in the best interest of all involved for us to receive training in this area in order to better serve the public and to provide for the safety of all parties.

Lt. Craig Parker

Tuscaloosa Police Department


Community Advisory Board

The CAB includes first responders, technology developers, mental health providers, and stakeholders in local mental health care agencies and government offices. The CAB meets quarterly each year to provide suggestions on improving the adoption and outcomes of the Remind Training.

Tre Brown

Corporal, Tuscaloosa Police Department

Hunter Christian

University of Alabama Police Department

Keith Fair

Deputy/Paramedic Mental Health Officer, Tuscaloosa County Sheriffs Office

Sgt. Brian Guzewicz

Northport Police Department

Chris Holloway

EMS Chief, Tuscaloosa Fire and Rescue Service

Brianna Jones

EMS Prevention Coordinator, City of Tuscaloosa

Lauren Kois

Assistant Professor, University of Alabama Department of Psychology

Bart Marshall

Fire Chief, Northport Fire Rescue

Lt. Craig Parker

Law Enforcement Advisor, Tuscaloosa Police Department, Commander - Behavioral Health Unit

Chastin Qualls

Independent Law Enforcement Consultant

Rev. Dn. John Stewart

President and Family Support Facilitator, National Alliance on Mental Illness, Tuscaloosa

Research Team

The research team comprises faculty and staff from The University of Alabama School of Social Work, first responders and technology specialists from the Center for Advanced Public Safety, and local law enforcement professionals.

Susan Jasko, Ph. D.

Project Coordinator, Center for Advanced Public Safety, Associate Dir. & Senior Research Scientist

Hee Yun Lee

Principal Investigator, School of Social Work, The University of Alabama, Professor, Associate Dean for Research, Endowed Academic Chair on Social Work and Health

Rebecca Royen

Technology and Outreach Coordinator, Center for Advanced Public Safety, Project Manager

Cho Rong Claudia Won

Research Assistant, University of Alabama School of Social Work, Graduate Research Assistant